Some news…!

By now most of you have heard… Adam and I are expecting! Not just 1… but 2!!! Right after our appointment, I journaled the following… the babies’ first picture is at the bottom: )

June 22, 2010

 Today Adam and I had our first ob/gyn appointment.  So excited for today!!!

We had our ultrasound first… right away you could see a little “peanut.” That made it very real. Then, our ultrasound tech began to move around the wand, and said, “Look at the baby! So cute. Look…at…the…babies!!!” I about fell off the table. Adam’s reaction- “I thought that’s what it looked like.” My reaction- “What?!”

Sure enough, two little babies. Measuring perfectly, great heartbeats, and the ultrasound showed that the babies will probably be identical, although we’ll know for sure in a few more weeks.

Obviously, we were quite shocked. But, twins do run in my family. Grandpa Bueling had a twin brother. My due date is still January 25, 2011, although most twin pregnancies deliver around week 36 (so for us, Christmas babies!).

We then met with our doctor, Erin Evans, and her nurse Shanna. Loved them both! Very reassuring about everything. I’ll have to get a maternal/fetal specialist physician as well, just because of the high-risk pregnancy.

Adam and I are truly counting our blessings. Not just one baby, but two!!! Adam and I always wanted our kids to be close in age…can’t get any closer than this 🙂

Right after our appointment we were driving home and halfway there, we realized we forgot to pick Mya up at daycare! Oops. We got Mya, and headed home. As we pulled into our driveway, we then realized we forgot my Passat at work (Adam picked me up for the appointment). Obviously our minds were elsewhere!

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  1. Mom (Laurie) says:

    Trish and Adam,

    This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! Can I get it made into a wallet size? j/k

    I’m overwhelmed with so much happiness and joy and couldn’t be happier for you. You will be amazing parents. I love them so much already.

    At the grocery store this afternoon when I was checking out my grocery clerk was talking to identical teenage girls and the clerk told me she can never tell them apart. I started asking them a few questions about what it was like to be an identical twin. It was fun to hear what they had to say, they were so sweet.

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